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How to flag ads on craigslist

How to flag ads on craigslist

Craigslist is one of the biggest potential sites to anchor one’s new business. Many business personals took shelter under this site to promote their business and product. As a result competition becomes high. Not only competition but also spamming activities reaches to such a position that the real business men stumble with their real product. As it is the condition of craigslist users, people are taking action against the black deeds of the spammers. The action is nothing but flagging. It is effective and trustworthy.

However, recently flagging becomes a common practice to the craigslist community.  If you desire to have rapid success, you will have to learn how to flag ads in craigslist. Without having the appropriate tactics, you cannot drink the taste of immense success in craigslist career.

You may know that craigslist evokes us to post ad in correct section and categories, and additionally inspires to flag the ads that are spammed. If you discover any ads as spam you ought to flag them. Flagging spam ads doesn’t violate the craigslist laws. So I think; it is high time you learned how to flag ads properly in craigslist.

Now I am going to share my previous experience how I flagged ads in craigslist.

At first, you have to open a craigslist account if you have not belonged that. But if you have any existing account then logs in that. Though I have seen many people who are doing flagging easily without having any account; this practice, of course, does not imply professionalism. So it would better to have a craigslist account of your own.

Secondly, what you should do is to click in the country, state, or region, where the ads you want to be flagged have been posted.

Thirdly, click in the sub-category which contains the spammed contents. For example, click in the bar under ‘jobs’ when you want to flag a job posting or click in the ‘for sale’ section whether you choose to flag the sellers’ posting. After being selection, craigslist shows a table of postings according to the categories you chose. In fact, postings of craigslist are arranged by date and time.

Later on, go down to the post, and click in it that is to be flagged. If you do not see the ad, you will need to use the search tool in the window to locate that. When you find the posting then click in it.

Finally, Click to the flagging option from the ‘please flag with care ‘box in the top right corner to flag the posting. Besides this, you’ll be able to conjointly flag the ads from the option ‘Miscategorized ‘, or prohibited. Once you have chosen the acceptable option, craigslist notifies you that ‘thanks for flagging’


Well, the above discussed ways are the important tactics of flagging ads in craigslist. Anyone can easily do it if they follow the instruction properly.

But truth is that, a busy man cannot spend enough time for flagging ads himself as they are busy with other important issues. So you need an expert craigslist professional flagger to get the reliable, fast and trustworthy service.

Do you know where you will get the skilled professional flaggers? For your kind information, we can assist you. We have been serving people here in craigslist for couples of years with customers’ full satisfaction and compliment.

I think, now this time is only for you. If you face challenges in craigslist success, you can meet with us because we will ensure your success.

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