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Today I am going to write on very important topics that is ‘How to avoid ads from flagging’. Very recently a practice of flagging has been developed among craigslist users. As a result you may sometime see your live advertisement marked as a spam.

After seeing your live ads flagged, you may get frustrated and think to leave craigslist site, don’t you? But hopefully you need not to leave this site; if you know few techniques. I understand your mental state because I also faced these kinds of experience. Now I am going to share the techniques what I applied against this very challenges. However, the following craigslist tips will assist you for the most part to avoid ads from flagging.

I typically see several ads to be flagged likely for not following the craigslist rules consequently. In fact, craigslist doesn’t inspire you to market the product and service what has no practical usability or sometimes breaks the limit of human appeal. For example, you should not post as to auctions, bidding and business promoting ads including multi level marketing (MLM), upfront investment or club member recruitment here in craigslist .These practices violate the rules of craigslist. Some ads that engender freak to the society or commonly imply to the prohibited goods like: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons and many other products alike also break the rules of craigslist. Besides, craigslist suggests you to choose the right categories while posting ads on it. So you should be careful whether your selected categories are undoubtedly correct. If you do that accordingly, you can minimize the possibilities of ads to be flagged. So you should stop spamming activities since it increases the chances of the ads to be flagged what hampers your business performance.


Craigslist alerts the users that they do not honor spamming activities such as identical or closely identical ads that posted in numbers of geographical locations or at a time, in the same area under different categories. Take one native town or area for one category of advertisement, and anticipate a minimum of 48 hours for a new ad posting.


What can be a good reminder for you while posting ads in craigslist is don’t post a phone number having an odd combination of both text and number? Do you understand what I am going to mean, don’t you? Well, see the number “7one2one 5-two 11 nine” _spammers like this method to be used when they try to stop its automated system so that people cannot detect their ads. Truly, craigslist abhors these types of bad practice and flagged them just after detecting them. Therefore, try your level best to ignore this bad practice while posting ads in craigslist.
Another critical aspect one should remember while posting ads is selecting text format because some text format which seems too much commercial is also a big cause of being flagged.

For example, you have restriction in using ALL CAPS and symbol in the post ads. You cannot use any forceful words like BUY TODAY, CLICK HERE, and ORDER NOW etc. Besides, your advertisement may be flagged if you copy other’s content and incorporated them in your ads. So import pure content for your ad but sometimes if you need to duplicate others content so rewrite them carefully.
Now I hope, you’ll be able to perceive clearly why your ads become flagged currently and so, right? Ok, strive your best to follow the on top of discussion. I hope you may get success in your business. If you prefer to have a lot of information regarding craigslist flagging service, please visit our website besides, if you need any flagging related service, you may contact with our support team they are waiting to serve you. Thank you so much for being here with me.

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